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Proxxon 38472 FBS 115/E Rotary Tool Review. A Dremel Alternative?

Hi gang,

I made a brief video taking a look at the Proxxon 115/E rotary tool. I was in the market for a new rotary tool and wanted to find out if there was something in the same price range as Dremel, yet better made. I was starting to feel that Dremel was not meeting my price vs. durability requirements. After a lot of searching and talking to people on forums and whatnot, I ran across Proxxon, a German company I had not heard of previously. After a lot of input and reading reviews, I bought one for my leather shop. For the last 4 months I have been using it for leather work as well as other projects and crafts. So far it’s been flawless and I am really happy with it.

I also bought the Proxxon 28606 MICROMOT MB 140/S Drill press stand and it works very well so far.

Here are the links if you want to check out the rotary tool and drill stand on Amazon.

Proxxon 38472 FBS 115/E rotary tool

Proxxon 28606 MICROMOT Drill Stand MB 140/S

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