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Leather finishes

To add to the never ending debate on leather finishing, I figured I’d run a test and post up some results at the end of the test.

Now this is not even close to the end all, be all or final word on what finishes are best on leather, rather it’s a small experiment, a starting place, to figure out what works best for our purposes, which is namely for outdoors, camping, bushcraft, hunting and other such activities that beat the living hell out of our gear.

I selected the finishes I had on hand and applied them each to a different piece of vegetable tanned leather (all cut from the same hide). I used beeswax, neetsfoot oil, fiebings Tan Kote, Sno-seal, and Feibings Resolene.

The rest of the details you can catch in the video. Stay tuned for updates on how each leather piece fairs out in the weather in the weeks and months to come. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter if you like, you’ll get updates right away then!

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