The Art of Creative Bushcraft

Foraging Wild Edibles Books, My Top Picks

I’ve been rather frustrated with finding really good quality foraging books, wild edibles books, or wild harvesting books. I thought I would do a review of my top two favorites, [amazon_link id=”0976626608″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” ]The Forager’s Harvest [/amazon_link]and [amazon_link id=”0976626616″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” ]Nature’s Garden[/amazon_link], both by Samuel Thayer. If you’re interested in foraging and harvesting… Continue Reading

The Reality of Survival

Survival has become a hot topic lately, as evidenced by the proliferance of television shows pertaining to survival, and the vast increase in internet activity on the topic. Survival, no doubt, is a useful tool if time is taken to learn and study the skills in a meaningful way. However there is some cause for… Continue Reading

5 tips for camping with kids

Camping and spending time in the outdoors with our kids is so important in many ways. In today’s society, quality family time is often hard to achieve. Parents are busy with careers and running in a thousand directions trying to help with homework and getting children to various activities. Besides family time, allowing kids to… Continue Reading