The Art of Creative Bushcraft

When Tourism Invades Your Sanctuary

Note: This piece does contain my opinion, but I will attempt to show it’s validity. Everything is controlled by the dollar. Little else seems to matter in the whole scheme of things. There is that soul crushing moment when you wake up one day to find your favorite unspoiled hangout has been forever changed, and… Continue Reading

June is National Outdoors Month

Well it’s official. The President of the United States has declared June as National Outdoors Month. There are a whole lot of “Official” days, weeks, and months for a lot of different causes…so many I could not begin to name them all, or even a few. But I guess the purpose is to raise awareness.… Continue Reading

Tricks for Getting Closer to Wildlife

I’m going to assume you’re like me, that when you get out into the woods there are those times when you’d really like to get a close up look at wildlife. Some of us like birds (like the bald eagle I saw close up the other day while kayaking) or mammals or reptiles; that close… Continue Reading