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New Northern California Bushcraft series and Finding Fatwood.

New Northern California Bushcraft series and Finding Fatwood.

Hey Gang!

This idea just randomly popped into my head the other day after perusing the ‘net for bushcraft related articles and videos. While there are probably millions of outdoors related videos on Youtube, for a random example, I find that only a few relate to me in a meaningful way. What I mean by that is they often don’t teach me much that relates to the environment in which I live. Video’s on how to make containers or fire with Birch bark don’t do me much good since there is no birch where I live. I could go on but I think you follow me right?

So I decided to remedy that. I’m doing a video series focusing on outdoor and bushcraft skills specific to this area of Northern California. I’ll probably end up in Shasta County, Siskiyou county, maybe even Lassen and Trinity. My base will be around Redding CA.

I’m thinking on doing plant I.D., some wild edibles and things like this, since that is what varies the most from one area to the next. For now, I thought we’d start with how to find Fatwood in the mountains and foothills of Northern California. Join me as I head out near Whiskeytown National Park and let’s find some fatwood!

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