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June is National Outdoors Month

Well it’s official. The President of the United States has declared June as National Outdoors Month.

There are a whole lot of “Official” days, weeks, and months for a lot of different causes…so many I could not begin to name them all, or even a few. But I guess the purpose is to raise awareness. Since it seems to be working so well in my case…::cough::

You and I surely don’t need an outdoors month, whether proclaimed by a State or the Federal Government. Having said that, if it does manage to get through to a few people, get them outside, and raise their appreciation for the great resource that is our remaining forests, wilderness areas, parks, ocean and lake preserves, and so on, then this is a nice gesture.

Part of the point of this blog is to help people share the great outdoors with each other, and Outdoors Month at least gives us another excuse to drag our friends, families, and/or co-workers out with us.

Check for your State proclamation here

Federal Proclamation is found here

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